Tips for communicating with deaf-blind 2018


          Tips for communicating with deaf-blind people

  • Get the blind-deaf person attention:-Get attention by a gentle tap on the shoulder and touch his and her hand gently.
  • Using tactile signs:-  Deaf-blind individual put his or her hands over signer’s hands to feel the shape movement and location of the sign to communicate.
  • English based tactile:- Deaf-blind person uses tactile fingerspelling for communication ever letter have unique symbols.All tactile symbols.
  • Using Tadoma:- Deaf-blind people to speech read by touch.They put their thumb other person chin, and their finger on another person's cheek to feel the vibration of the person' voice and movement of their lips.more...              
  • Using screen braille communicator:- Two people use screen braille communicator to communicate with each other.Screen braille communicator is a small portable device.Which have qwerty keyboard and LCD display and eight cell braille display, person type text on the qwerty keyboard. deaf-blind read printed text by using his finger.
  • Using TTY with braille display:- A deaf-blind person make's the telephone call using a TTY with Braille display.TTY is stacked on display and connected with it. Deaf-blind use telephone and they also use the system as a face to face communication device to communicate with someone who doesn't know braille.                                                                      
  • Using Print on palm:-  Deaf-blind person print block letter on deaf-blind individual’s hands.letters are every time written in the same location.this is most widely used communication method of deaf-blind people.
  • Using Braille notetaker:-Deaf-blind people communicate with a person’s who don’t know braille language using this device.Which is connected with personal digital assistants(PDAs) that are used by another person?

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